Quick View in Post Grid

            To add Quickview button to Visual Composer’s grid, you need to create new or modify a grid template.

            All Visual Composer’s grid elements have “Item Design” tab to choose grid template.

            For example: Visual Composer Post Grid:

            • If you want to create from a blank template, click Create new.
              Or, choose an available template and click
              Modify selected (recommended), you will be navigated to Grid builder page.

            • Enter a name for this modified template, for example: “Quickview template”.

            • These are available elements in selected template (Basic grid: Default), the modified template will be named “Quickview template”.

            • Click + to add Quickview element into this template.

            • All settings are the same as single Quickview element.
              If you change this setting, it will apply to all post in the grid that use this modified template “Quickview template”.

            • Click “Update” button when you done.

            • Go back to your Post Grid element, choose your modified template in Item Design.


            • Note: If your grid shows post excerpt, disable “Add to post excerpt” in Quickview General Settings to avoid duplicate Quickview button.

            Additional: Watch this tutorial video to learn more about Grid Builder:

            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 08:55 PM
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