Marvelous Grid

            For better tutorial, check out video tutorial here.

            • Choose “Marvelous Grid” element.

            • Customize with Marvelous Grid general setting tab:


            • Choose appropriate options for Data via “Data Settings” tab:


            • “Marvelous Grid” has similar options for deeper customizing and designing:

            “Customize” tab:


            “Design Options” tab:

            • Save changes! All done!

            • Setting Effect for single Post or Page in Grid:

            You can select single effect for individual with metabox “Marvelous Grid Custom Setting” below the post editor in each post/page:


            Note: Please make sure that you’ve checked options to enable Metabox for Post or Page in Marvelous Hover general setting panel.

            If you don’t fill in the “Heading thin/bold text” and “Description” boxes, Marvelous will auto take post default title as image’s description.

            Updated: 28 Sep 2017 09:03 PM
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