Quick View Shortcodes


text="Read now"










url="" ]

The quick view shortcode can be describe as above.

  1. Button size

The button size:

  • md

  • lg

  • sm

  • xs

  1. Button position

The button aligment

  • inline

  • left

  • center

  • right

  1. Text

The text on the button, for example: Quick view

  1. Primary color

The primary color of the button

  1. El class

The custom class for button

  1. Size

The lightbox size:

  • full

  • large

  • medium

  • small

  1. Template

The lightbox template:

  • basic

  • overlay

  • magazinetop

  • push

  • fadeout

  • sliced

  • side

  • sidefixed

  • grid

  • Jam3

  1. Animation

Lightbox animation when open (see more)

  • none

  • with-fade

  • zoom-in

  • newspaper

  • move-horizontal

  • move-from-top

  • 3d-unfold

  • zoom-out

  1. Lightbox class

Custom class for light box

  1. ID

The post id to open quick view

  1. Url

The url to open quick view encoded (instead of ID, the url will work when quick view doesn’t has id attribute)

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